Unidentified Poem I Wish I’d Written

Nov. 14, 2007

If I could ever figure out who wrote this, I’d send it to Karen:

By day mine eyes, by night my soul desires thee

Weary, I lie alone.

Once, in a dream it seemed thou were beside me,

Oh far beyond all dreams if thou woulds’t come.


Can anyone attribute this poem? It has language similar to Shakespeare’s but I have been unable to find it in his writings or anywhere online.

I found it written in pencil on an index card on the floor; it had to have fallen out of a book I was reading. On the other side was a message from a Sarah thanking someone for lunch (!) and their undivided attention; it said also, “This poem says so much of my feelings towards you. This person was better with words than I.”

It drives me crazy not to be able to find its source. I’m assuming an old poem, probably from a schoolbook of poetry. Perhaps it is by Shakespeare? I wish I knew.


Poem Just For Karen

Sept. 07, 2007



Put me out there

away from shore

no insects there

in moonlight’s glare.


Let me float and dream

let me think and scheme

join me tenderly

drifting eternally.

© 2007, ’10  O’Maolchathaigh


Sept. 06, 2007

csbee.gif used to ‘bee’ and could have been what_i_could_have_been_1.gif

– nevermore!

compared to what could be or what you are!

© O’Maolchathaigh 2007-10

Divorce is anti-climactic

Sept. 05, 2007


Calling me a cheap, stingy bastard wounded it cheep-stingy-bastard.png
telling me I was planning to leave cut deeper
calling me a liar was nearly fatal bloodyrose.jpg
saying we should go our separate ways stopped its heart


I was willing to try resuscitation through counseling
your refusal staked it through its heart heartcake.jpg
asking for a quit-claim to the house put it in a coffin
solid-wood-coffins.jpg telling me I had to leave nailed the coffin shut
threatening to call the police if I didn’t move out –
buried the marriage deep in the ground.buried.jpg

Divorce is anti-climactic.

– © tm August 2007


My Mind Goes Misty

June 22, 2007


I heard a voice from within —

voices inside

Your heart is in the corner cryingheart_in_a_corner.jpgcrying-heart.gif

and your mind is lost in the mist.052115 (2)

Poem © Dawn Sartz, used with permission.

Waiting for Tsunami

June 18, 2007


Waves of sadness wash over me today. Felt pretty good this weekend. Saw the Silver Surfer movie Friday night and enjoyed a complete escape. Home after that to the dragon. Her indifference has thawed and we speak more. Saturday we emptied and cleaned out the pond together. I asked her what would happen if I dumped a bucket of the pond water on her head while she was in there, and she looked at me a moment, then said, “I’d kill you.” We both stayed home, watched a movie: maria-full-of-grace.jpg .  I sent more emails about houses to rent, scheduled a viewing for Sunday.

Sunday morning the dragon left for the flea market with her makeup done and dressed nicely. She looked good. I bought a few things I need to get the outside of the house addition sealed up, and rode all the way across town to look at a house. Got sunburned doing that. The dragon took a message for me about a house. Went to bed early, by myself, as usual.

Monday, today, I felt OK, rode into work, read a couple messages about places to rent. Made an appointment to see one after work. This is a good house in a nice green area, roomy with everything I need and they take pets. Rent is a little high, but most utilities are included in the rent. dsc01081.jpg Should call about seeing another in the same area and kill two with one ride. It’s hot out there. Went to lunch, but could hardly walk. Felt this tsunami of sadness wash over me. Can hardly keep my head up. It takes an effort to make eye contact. Dropped off some books at the PO. Walked out of there into more sadness. Popped into a campus Starbucks for an Americano. Walked back to work drooping. Finding a place that is available, fits all my criteria and is a sort of affordable means this is it – time to go. That makes me happy at times, accompanied by a sense of great relief, of freedom. And then, inexplicably, sad.



Waves of sadness wash over me

unlike the seashore

these waves are random

better waves than nothing

I could do without this

this oppressive tsunami of sad

no one to rescue me now

no one to turn to

just mechanical living

work, eat, read

rent house, pack

unpack organize

wait for the next tsunami. © 2007, 08, 09 , 10  O’Maolchathaigh


June 13, 2007

This unrequited love of mine
has no feelings for me
pigeonholed.jpg pigeonholed as friend
workplace acquaintance
things in common
yet separate as by a chasm
by age and experience

Beauty and the beast
inuyasha-demon-and-kagome1.jpg youth and demon
we can travel the same path
but never touch never kiss
never cuddle never love

turmoil.jpg my thoughts dwell on you
my heart cries for you
my arms reach for you
my lips hunger for you
and my body burns
my mind is in turmoil
I live I die yet alive.

© 2007,08, ’09 O’Maolchathaigh