Kissing Gets Me High

kiss Ah, here we go: a dream about kissing.  Kissing was always one of my favorite things. In my dream, I am kissing a woman I know, but it is not anyone I know now.  Her features are distinct, as clear as if I know her.  Her face is narrow, more narrow than a face usually is, but she has dark hair and large, deep, brown eyes.  As the dream started I was approaching her, then kissing her as soon as I got close enough. And this was a real kiss, not like those pecks one gives to family.  My ex didn’t like to kiss at all.  Her idea of a kiss was a peck on the lips, fast and over with quickly, kind of the way she liked sex.  Anyway, this kiss was a real kiss: sensual and passionate.  That may seem redundant, but the sensual part was kissing lightly all over each others lips and face, and the passion follows from that.  A good kiss excites me, both emotionally and physically. I was really enjoying this kissing, and pressed my lips down deep into those sexy lips one last time, because I woke up right in the middle of the kiss.  Damn!

And, yeah, I certainly had an erection.   I’ve no idea who the woman could be.  She didn’t resemble anyone I’ve ever known or anyone I’ve seen lately at work, not that I remember.

Well, that’s certainly what I want: a relationship like that, full of sensual kissing, touching and passion.  But, that doesn’t just happen, and wishing won’t make it so.

I’d better start kissing as many people as I can.  But who would kiss an ugly old fool like me? crazy_old_man

(not really me, but close enough)


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