Sexual dream last night

It’s been quite some time since I had a dream like that.  I have no idea who the woman was, but I knew her.  We were really going at it.  I was just at the point of really slamming it home when I woke up, with a hard on of course.  I remembered all of the dream, as though it had been real.  I had been thrusting in my sleep, because I vividly remembered that there wasn’t much sensation around my penis, as though it wasn’t going in deep or something.  So I had to have been thrusting up against the sheet, through my underwear shorts.  Not much sensation that way.

I thought about my new hiking buddy after that.  We don’t really date.  We’ve been on three hikes so far.  A friend had given me her number as someone who loved hiking, and we had been communicating by email.  Going together is one way to prod both of us to get out there and hike, when there are so many things that compete for our time.  I met her for the first time at the hike rendezvous.  Nice looking woman, younger than me, but I can’t tell what her age is.  She’s divorced too.  We talked all through  the hike, which is unusual for me, as I prefer to hike close-mouthed, in peace, and to avoid losing water vapor in this dry heat.  However, I really enjoyed meeting her, talking with her, and looking at her.  She had hiker’s legs, with the strong calf muscles, and she wears shorts, so I could see her legs when I was behind her on the trail.  Nice.  We also seem to have made a connection, so I’m not as alienated from people as I thought.

That was three weeks ago, April 19.  We hiked a short distance through the Golden Open Space.  It’s City of Albuquerque open space somehow, even though it’s a ways outside the city, past Tijeras Canyon, up highway NM14, and past Cedar Crest, NM.  The hike was short, and we were prepared for a hike of 8-12 miles.  The hike leader had plans to take us to Gutierrez Canyon and the Juan Tomas Open Space, but the roads were muddy, and he went home.  Fortunately, a couple of the hikers knew of some good trails near Tijeras, so we went back down to there and hiked.  Such an interesting hike! We found snow on the trail high up, and it made for slippery going, as it was half-melted.   Many dead trees, trees killed by attacks of the bark beetle, had recently been knocked down by the high winds so common here,  so the trail was difficult.  Near the top one woman showed me a medallion.  At least a couple hundred of the oldest trees have been cored, dated, and marked by an unknown scientist.  Hikers like to look for them, much like searching for geo-caches.  They are all numbered.  Each has the age of the tree expressed as a germination date, as well as an event that occurred that year.  I saw the 1765 one, with The Stamp Act listed on it.  The hikes become a little more interesting that way.

Last weekend we went on a hike by ourselves, as the one we’d planned on was canceled.  Enjoyed the hike with her.  We only had to drive a relatively short distance from her house to the trail head, and we only hiked a few hours, as we’d gotten a late start.  Wonderful views (of nature).  See below:

Cloud_Level Cloud Level by Me

We made plans to hike again this past weekend, as there was a hike that was going to focus on finding more of those mysterious medallions.  And find them we did, at least a dozen of them.

Here’s two: Mystery_Medallion_16 MM #16, by Me, and Mystery_Medallion_24 MM #24, by Me

We saw some where the mystery man had even dated a stump and an old felled tree, so he included the date of death as well.   The felled tree dated from the mid 1600’s, and it was called Lorenzo’s Trough Log.  It was felled, according to the date of death, in 1929.  It had been hollowed out to make a feeding or watering trough for grazing animals, likely sheep, as Lorenzo grazed sheep in the vicinity. GD = germination date.  We were both excited about all these medallions because it was new to us.

After the hike, we showered at her place, and drank a lot of water. Like an idiot, I’d forgotten to bring my water bottles.  She shared some of hers with me, and we stopped by a spring where I was able to drink my fill, and filled up a small bottle she had with her.  It was not enough though.  She graciously let me share some more of her water, as a nine-mile hike in hot weather takes more water than we had between us.  So, by the time we got to her house, we felt dehydrated.  After showering, and that water felt sooo good on my baked head, we went for sushi.  We both like sushi a hell of a lot, so that was great fun, and we used a 40%-off coupon, so it wasn’t too expensive.  Good thing, because we were damned hungry.


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