It Doesn’t Take All Too Much to Make me Happy

It’s Friday.  On Fridays I have lunch with Karen; have been for four years.  That’s what this blog was all about.  (and madness)

For some time we’ve gotten away from lunch every Friday, and I wondered if we had drifted so far apart that it wouldn’t happen anymore.  Seems rare anymore, and I never know when it will end entirely.  So, rather than wait until 1:00 pm, or even 1:15 pm as I have been, I sent her an email: “I’m available to join you for lunch today, if that’s something you still like doing.” No answer.  Had lunch by myself at 1:15.  Didn’t see her there.  Haven’t seen her since early December.


I got an answer later:

“Sorry I missed your email.  Today was the last day of work for one of our co-workers so a bunch of us went to O’Neill’s to have a goodbye lunch.”

Happy.  I don’t know why that makes me happy, but it sure does.  She replied! She said she was sorry she missed my email!

(Not that I’m still in love with her, or obsessed, or crazy).  I’m normal now.  :-}



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