Spamalot, life, the universe and dating in general


I saw Monty Python’s Spamalot on Saturday afternoon.  Once Karen mentioned she wanted to go, I looked for tickets, and only found some for Saturday afternoon, and not together.  I briefly considered asking her to go with me, but really knew better than that.  I noticed they were almost all sold out, and pretty expensive, considering that it was a traveling Broadway show, and those kind of things are pricey, even when they suck.  However, I thought I would buy two tickets and simply give her one.  I could tell her that the seats weren’t together, and there was no obligation on her part intended, and nothing was implied by it; I just wanted her to have a ticket.

This one was going to be fun.  I had this odd dream about it too.   I dreamed that I gave Karen the ticket, explaining that she would be sitting alone, and I would be way off to one side and further back.   I dreamed that I got called up on stage by the cast and played some brief role in some skit of theirs in front of everyone, including Karen.   As it happened, in the play, the Holy Grail is discovered to be under the seat of an audience member, and they do indeed call that person up on stage to thank them for finding it.  I had no idea they did that.  Of course, Karen didn’t get the ticket.  It turned out that she had already bought two tickets and her uncle was going with her.  I don’t know what show she went to.  So, I was going to be going alone.  I tried to interest my step-daughter into going with me, but she had plans.  She said it was possible she wouldn’t go to a party she had been invited to, so she’d call me.  However, I never heard from her, and I didn’t know who else to ask.  I was going to a party Saturday evening with my neighbor Benay, so I asked her if she wanted to go to the play too.  Since it was at 2 pm, there would be plenty of time to get to the party by 6, but she said she had too much to do to be ready so early in that day, so she begged off.   So here I was with an extra ticket to an expensive Broadway play, and no one to even give it to.   I had hoped my new neighbor would be around; she a damn good-looking pharmaceutical rep, but she wasn’t around.

I went to the play, and walked up to the ticket window,  Some guy with a bicycle was there trying to get a good seat, so I plunked the ticket down in front of him.  He said, “What’s this?” so I told him: “Free ticket,” and went inside.   I didn’t see him again, so I don’t know if he used it.

My plan was to give the one ticket (front and center) to Karen, and use the ticket on the far right and further back for myself.  However, given all the money I’d spent buying two tickets, and not having anyone but a stranger to give the ticket to, I used the better seat for myself.   Lo, and behold, the Holy Grail is found four seats to the right of where my second ticket had been, and sure enough, the girl sitting in that seat was called up on stage, introduced to the audience, congratulated on finding the Grail, and given a round of applause.

I have the strangest prescient dreams sometimes.


11 Responses to “Spamalot, life, the universe and dating in general”

  1. 48colorrainbow Says:

    Who is currently in the Spamalot cast?

  2. LuLi Says:

    Monty Python is hilarious, did you enjoy yourself despite the ticket drama?

  3. O'Maolchathaigh Says:

    Hey color.rainbow, if you go to you can see who is in the Broadway cast, and who is in the touring cast, as well as the Las Vegas and London casts.

  4. O'Maolchathaigh Says:

    Hi LuLi,
    Oh, yeah. The French taunting, the working class analysis of rule by Kings, the general un-PC-ness of skits like Jews on Broadway and Lancelot’s coming out, the knight who refuses to yield no matter how many limbs are hacked off, the killer rabbit, the solo number by the Lady in the Lake who is pissed off because she doesn’t have enough time on stage; yeah, I liked it. Blowing red streamers for blood was really effective. I don’t usually like musicals; this makes the second I’ve ever seen. The other was Hair. Of course, that one had nudity to recommend it, and amazing popular songs of the day.
    How are you doing?

  5. LuLi Says:

    I love musicals, I’ve only ever had the chance to go to Miss Saigon though. I loved it. I mostly just watch the tv ones. I plan to see Wicked when it starts up here. I’m more of a fan of the dancing and costumes than the singing though.
    I’m doing good, Terry, how have you been?

  6. O'Maolchathaigh Says:

    I’m doing OK. It’s very nice to hear from you. It’s hard to motivate myself to write updates in the blog much. With the demise of the “unrequited love” affair, there’s not the same edginess, perverseness, hopelessness and zany thoughts to report on. Karen was oddly friendly one day, actually stopping for a moment to actually ask me how I’m doing, but haven’t heard from her about lunch in a couple weeks, and it doesn’t seem to really matter. (Now that’s boring to write about!) My step-daughter Maya took me out for sushi for Father’s Day, and that made me really happy. She will go to Vietnam in two weeks (her dad works for Intel there), and has applied for a two-year stint in the Peace Corps, after which she’ll apply for graduate school. I still feel such joy that she is alive after all the brain tumor stuff.
    I told her about the possibly crazy woman Elaine who takes revenge on people, and how she wanted to see my old house. I also have a date with Elaine on Saturday and invited Maya to go with us for blues, wine, and food at the winery. Maya says she’d like to meet this woman, especially since she is the woman who persuaded me to move to New Mexico in the first place, some 32 years ago. (Can you imagine being this old?) Sigh.
    The woman I met at the singles’ potluck changed her mind about going for a drive to an old mining town. She says she’s not ready to date just yet. I guess I am, although I’m not finding it all that exciting of an idea. Better to do something than nothing, I think. That’s me: boring and depressing. 🙂

  7. LuLi Says:

    Boredom and depression is good for creating drama in the mind.. excellent for writing. And you are such a good writer, it would be a shame to stop for Karen. There will always be these in between periods, plus you still have Elaine to write about.. Maybe you don’t have to always write about the limerence, maybe you can write about moving on from it too.
    My favourite post of yours was the one about your history, you wove the story together easily and the description made me feel like I was there. There is much more to you than limerence.
    I’ve kinda stopped my limerence as well, although like you I relapse with feelings every now and then when they do something nice. But thankfully, it doesn’t last long, I’m doing much better at forgetting them this time around.
    I’m very happy to hear that you and your step daughter are seeing more of each other, and wow, she’s joining the Peace Corps! Thats quite impressive and selfless.

  8. O'Maolchathaigh Says:

    Do you mean: “The Boy Who Rode His Bicycle Into Manhood”?
    Anyway, while researching limerence, I found that many writers and poets not only found unrequited love or limerence to be their inspiration, but even cultivated it on purpose to help them write! I don’t think I want to do that, but the heart must be working in order to write with any degree of passion, I think.
    Hey, I found out that my new neighbor is beautiful (she runs 5 days a week). I helped her get her ‘desert’ or ‘swamp’ evaporative cooler going, and she brought me a fancy cupcake from Santa Fe where she works. Still too old for her I think, as I met her mother, who doesn’t look all that old either. Perhaps we can be friendly neighbors at least.

  9. LuLi Says:

    o0o0o this neighbour sounds like good material, worst case scenario, you could cultivate something there! How fun is it to have attractive neighbours, its only bad when you want to get the mail but your hair’s a mess.
    And yes, I did mean The Boy Who Rode His Bicycle Into Manhood. Excellent post.

  10. O'Maolchathaigh Says:

    Thanks LuLi!
    It will be nice to have such an attractive neighbor. Maybe I can have another unrequited love affair? 🙂

  11. LuLi Says:

    sounds like a good idea 😀

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