Life Goes On for An Emo Bitch


That’s what someone called me in a comment on one of these posts. Odd that people think emotions should be kept quiet and to oneself. Certainly one of the most valuable reasons to use a blog is to be able to vent and rant and rage. It’s not all about politics and sports and recipes. (Jeff Thomas)

So, I drift along. Had a nice dinner with my step-daughter. She’s my antidote for everything else.

I still don’t know what to do with my life, but I’m hanging in. I met someone awhile back and we’ll get together soon. I’m also invited to a single’s picnic in the mountains on Sunday, so that should be interesting. I think that’s what I should do more often. One always has a feeling of being an extra wheel on the couples’ bus when one is single. No reason to rush not being single, although spending one’s time alone is a life not fully lived. Having experienced love and being in love, one tends to miss it. (redundant1)

Got a new tattoo; can’t say why. It had been 33 years since I’d gotten the first and only other one, so perhaps it was time. I thought about a lot of dark tats, full of razor blades and bloody hearts but settled on an image with some power that is still appropriate for this stage of my life. My first tat was of a bicycle I drew myself, surrounded by an omega. This one is an image I used in this blog before, the ‘sad’ image from last June 7th’s posting. it is an amazingly popular image, often the main reason anyone finds my blog at all. Now I have it on my arm. I like it. 

Several other bloggers have incorporated it into their posts. It’s the most popular post I have with 6412 views so far, (out of 122,119) with most readers having clicked on that image.

I’ve taken the wheels off of my bicycle, in preparation for replacing the tubes and tires, so I should be back on that soon. Rode all over the USA on bicycles, but got lazy when I got the motorcycle. Perhaps it’s time to give the motorcycle a rest, and get the body back into shape.

I’ve been treating the pre-cancerous keretoses on my face, so I look like a teenager full of zits now. One month of treatment so far, one month now with no treatment, and then another month of treatment. I don’t know if this will get rid of these or not, or if I’ll have to repeat these treatments during the rest of my life. It’s interesting to see how all that sun I got bicycling is coming back to haunt me now. Well, it’s better to have something pre-cancerous under treatment than have to deal with full-blown skin cancer. This ‘Aldara’ cream they prescribed is also used for basal cell carcinomas (skin tumors) and genital warts, so I have no idea how effective it is going to be in the long run. The dermatologist says I’ll live another 30 years or so, so it’s not anything life threatening. See: Keratoses & Barnacles & Young Pretty Doctors.

What’s really funny is that my job at one time was giving skin cancer to rats and treating them with various combinations of chemotherapy agents and radiation before the doctors could use those treatments on people. I saw a lot of tumors back then, especially since I used to have to dissect the rats when they died. I saw how skin cancer spreads to internal organs: heart, lungs, liver, and even the brain. Not pretty. So, I will continue to treat these so-called “pre”-cancerous bumps. Let me tell you now – you don’t ever want full-blown skin cancer.

My friend Jin is back from China. She missed the earthquakes by one day, and her family and friends are OK. It took much longer to travel there than normally. She brought back some Tieh Quan Yin (or tie kwan yin) tea. It is an oolong tea also known as Iron Goddess of Mercy, and has tightly curled leaves, having been subjected to a complicated process of repeated rolling and baking, developed three hundred years ago in Fujian’s Anxi area. When brewed, it is light-red or amber in color, with a sweet mellow taste. The tea can be reused all day without losing its taste. She gave me some after I showed her my tattoo, so I wouldn’t be sad. She is so nice.


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