“I am not going to lunch today,” Karen said.

lunch.jpg “I am not going to lunch today.”

That’s was the whole text of the message I got today. I responded by asking if she was OK. I also said I hoped the flowers hadn’t freaked her out. No response.

Last week, she said, ” I won’t be able to make it for lunch today.” I responded with, “Well, damn. 😦 ”

I get it. I got the message. I will eat somewhere else from now on – no need for her to avoid Med II (the medical school cafeteria). I won’t go there anymore. I would apologize, but without a conversation or a face-to-face meeting, it seems pointless. I am sorry I lost this friend. I guess I was wrong. She’s not going to forgive a degenerate old fool everything.


I guess it is finally time to end this blog. It has been a year. I’ll miss the wild ups and downs of unrequited love. I’ll certainly miss Karen. I knew better; I knew all along. I had to send those flowers. The feeling I got sending them was wild and inexplicable. I guess it was because it was real action. Couldn’t be mistaken. Couldn’t be overlooked. Couldn’t be forgiven. When the stalkers send flowers, it must be time to distance yourself. I am sorry, my friend Karen. Bye. gothic_valentine_by_cardowl.jpg

Well, I did get a response, after I wrote the above:

“I am not feeling too well, so I just grabbed some soup and ate in the office. I may leave early today. I also was not too happy about the flowers, the entire weekend I had people bugging me about who sent them.”

I feel like the fool I am, although, since people are always bugging her about not being married or having a boyfriend, maybe having a secret boyfriend will get them off her case.


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