Life is what you Bake of it

January 27, 2008

I wake up calm. I should get out of bed, but there’s no hurry. No one waits for me; there is nothing I particularly want to do. Exiting stuff, huh? Took the magnetic starter switch out of the bike yesterday, but by the time I had it out, it was too late to go to the shop with it. They are only open on Saturdays from about 11 to 2. I don’t know if it’s the problem, but I have to start somewhere. magna.jpg All I can get out of the bike now is a whine when I press the start button. Battery is good, and the plugs are high quality and not that old. Fuses are OK, spark plug wires are attached. There’s gas in the tank, and the fuel cock is on. Just won’t turn over. Can’t be the generator either, as the battery is fine, and the lights come on strong, and haven’t wavered. Without a truck anymore, I can’t get it into the shop to have it checked over thoroughly. I’ll just have to keep taking things off, maybe replacing ’em one by one until it fires up again. It’s a ’97, so it’s not that old, compared to the ’79 I was riding. Nice engine, 4 cylinder, 4 carburators. 750 cc displacement. Gots power. Accelerates like a demon. Usually ride it every day, rain or shine, hot or cold. Xmas is usually my best time to work on it, but I was gone for my entire vacation. I will try to get off work early, stop by the shop tomorrow before they close.

riogrande.jpg Made it to the Flying Star Cafe this morning. Got my regular Americano with four shots of espresso. Gets me going on Sundays. Had some green-chile turkey sausage too. I read as much of the New York Times as I can while drinking. I love the serialized novels and the The Funny Pages that their magazine has had for some time now. Mister Wonderful could easily be me. 27serialclowes.jpg Must be why Daniel Clowes writes such things. Coffee drunk, I came back home and wrote a stupid little rant about the empty coffee cups I see everywhere. Used to be cigarettes I’d see everywhere. Getting on my high horse motivated me enough to get out of the house. I usually go for a walk, but I wanted to get to Ta Lin, the big asian supermarket here. Mostly I just wanted some chili oil for my Ramen noodle dinners. Some frozen veggies, an egg stirred in, a little sesame oil, some chili oil, and voila! – dinner. Anyway, I naturally looked around, and ended up with a couple bottles of Mexican-made Coke, (cane sugar, instead of high-fructose corn syrup), some roasted green tea (might as well see if roasting makes it mix better with whiskey). Turns out it doesn’t. Also picked up a tin of Jasmine tea for when I’m tired of Jim Beam Black with Lipton’s loose tea blend, and, and some sugar wafers. They have the best sugar creme wafers I’ve ever had, in strawberry, lemon, coconut, peanut, chocolate, etc. mango.jpg My favorite is mango, but they never have it anymore. I bought some cappuccino ones from the Garden brand, $1.29. Tastes good, light, crispy. I eat half the package before I decide to read the ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, hydrogenated palm oil (oh boy), ascorbyl palmitate, tocopherol, soy lecithin, whole milk powder, corn starch, artificial flavouring & artificial colour (it’s from Hong Kong), leavening, emulsifier and salt. Oh, well. I’m going to ask them to get the mango back in the other brand – supposed to contain real fruit.

Put some music on when I got back, b5covermed.jpeg Babylon 5 CD: Chrysalis, Mind War, Parliament of Dreams, and the Geometry of Shadows. Heady stuff. Afterwards, the soundtrack from House of Flying Daggers came on. covervy51cs7.jpg That , a Clannad CD, and a Myst/Riven soundtrack CD seem appropriate to a gray, drizzly day. myst.jpgriven.jpg I’m waiting for Herbie Hancock’s Head Hunters hancock.jpg to come on. That should change the mood. I’ll be done writing by then. Go back and read some more Love Monkey. Someone commented that I’m like the guy in that novel. love-monkey.jpg


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