May-December Relationships; Mathematics of the Age-gap

Jan. 24, 2008

02couple.jpg I never knew there was such a term! Found that recently in a comment and looked it up. “The term refers to a romantic pairing where one person is significantly older than the other. The age difference is at least a decade, but often more. The phrase comes from the younger person being in the “spring” of his or her life (i.e., May), while the older partner is in his or her “winter” (i.e., December).” So, I have a label for the type of relationship I would be in, IF there was any way in hell for my fantasy to come true. Moresoever, there is a “rule of thumb”, a mathematical formula to judge whether the age difference in an intimate relationship is socially acceptable:


That is amazing! Additionally, I found a site where people were discussing the relative merits and failings of May-December relationships, and the most common age gap was 19 years! It is usually women in their late 20s and men in their late 40s. Definitely would leave me out as far as “she” goes. Of course, I knew that already, but it fascinates me to find confirmation of such common sense. Not that it matters. People do whatever they want to. I love “her”. If she loved me, then everyone else could go to hell.



4 Responses to “May-December Relationships; Mathematics of the Age-gap”

  1. mauritiusconnection Says:

    Relationships used Mathematics? hahaha.. so this should be hard, i guess..


    • O'Maolchaithaigh Says:

      I just found it fascinating that mathematics was even applied to something like this. But, I did always wonder why certain age gaps are more acceptable than others, and why it bothers people so much.


  2. thehighergroundblog Says:

    I just wrote an interesting commentary about this in my new blog. You chart is help. My December is 20 years old tho and I’m just 26 😉

    Please read. You will be one of my first visitors!


  3. Acceptable Age Gap Dating Formula | Dating Around Me Says:

    […] May-December Relationships; Mathematics of the Age-gap … – Jan 24, 2008 · thehighergroundblog Says: February 12, 2011 at 3:45 am. I just wrote an interesting commentary about this in my new blog. You chart is help. My December is …… […]


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