Lunch on the Unusual Thursday

Karen asked me today if I’d like to meet for lunch tomorrow, since there will be a baby shower on Friday, and she won’t need to eat lunch. Works for me! I’m glad that my fiction hasn’t been too weird for her. I wouldn’t have thought so, but I sent her a link to another blog, and an old story of mine, one of my few attempts at fiction: Barstool Cowgirl. hat.jpg Of course, this will take her to WordPress, and there are links to this blog there, so I’ve been wondering what might happen. The story contains some sexual content, so I worried about that possibly offending. I just never know. I don’t write about explicit sex, but it certainly is a powerful force in life, and has been in mine.

Got a reply back from Karen concerning lunch. I’d also asked if she had read the story I’d sent her the link to. “What story?” she asked. Oh, damn. I guess I have to go back to worrying now. 😦

Sent her the link via her work email. She must not be getting any of these emails I send to her personal email account, which would certainly account for her not answering.

I probably shouldn’t have done that.


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