Unidentified Poem I Wish I’d Written

Nov. 14, 2007

If I could ever figure out who wrote this, I’d send it to Karen:

By day mine eyes, by night my soul desires thee

Weary, I lie alone.

Once, in a dream it seemed thou were beside me,

Oh far beyond all dreams if thou woulds’t come.


Can anyone attribute this poem? It has language similar to Shakespeare’s but I have been unable to find it in his writings or anywhere online.

I found it written in pencil on an index card on the floor; it had to have fallen out of a book I was reading. On the other side was a message from a Sarah thanking someone for lunch (!) and their undivided attention; it said also, “This poem says so much of my feelings towards you. This person was better with words than I.”

It drives me crazy not to be able to find its source. I’m assuming an old poem, probably from a schoolbook of poetry. Perhaps it is by Shakespeare? I wish I knew.


2 Responses to “Unidentified Poem I Wish I’d Written”

  1. Somebodyyoudon'tknow Says:

    Try Francis Bacon or Christopher Marlowe…Anyway, I used to be really into Jung and what you’re describing (a poem that falls out of a book at this particular time in your life) sounds like “Synchronicity”. I’m glad you updated your site. It was getting stale.

  2. O'Maolchathaigh Says:

    Hello Somebody. I will look into their works. Thanks. I worked on the site a bit trying to have it make more chronological sense, so if someone jumped into an old post, they could put it into context, assuming they wanted to, of course. Additionally, things have gotten stale in my life, which must reflect itself in the postings and frequency of postings. tm

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