Karen and me

October 06, 2007


Songbird for a Sad Day by Vermelho

Having lunch with me, talking to me when I’m out of words, bringing me a book to read or movies to watch: those are the songbirds Karen gives me. I get sad because I cannot be with her more, but that one hour a week is still something, and she is often in my thoughts and dreams the rest of the week. Lately she writes her typically terse emails just stating the time she is “…going to lunch at….” The question mark is gone from the message subject “lunch?”, and I’m not sure what it means. My negative side says it means she isn’t really enjoying hanging out with me anymore, and is moving away. My little positive upbeat side says: maybe all it means it that she knows, without question, that I will be there. If that is true, then perhaps I have gotten that much across to her. That is my gift to her. I will always be there, always.


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