Friday is Karen-day for me

Sept. 28, 2007

No word yet. moving_apart.JPG My insecurity prompts me to think that Karen is moving away from having lunch with me every Friday. She seemed embarrassed that time we went for coffee. She was paying for her coffee and wanted to tell the barista that she was only paying for herself and not for both of us, and she said, “We’re not together, I mean, this is separate.” I said jokingly that I thought we were friends at least. She looked kind of embarrassed, and not just at misspeaking. I suspect she may now find it embarrassing that people might think we’re a couple. Usually she’ll write me if she can’t make it for lunch. It’s almost 1:15, and the latest she’ll usually go to lunch. I usually hear from her by 1:00 though. I sent her an email while writing this, asked if she was busy today. No response yet. But, there it is, she’s on her way. Guess I’ll meet her there.

She was all smiles today. Lot’s of nervous energy too. 800px-halloween.JPG This is a happy time of year for her – almost Halloween. Some people are excited about x-mas, can’t wait for it to finally come. Karen’s that way about Halloween. She has witches and skulls and mummies and tombstones – the whole gamut in her front yard every year. She has fog rolling around the yard, and creepy lights and sounds. Already she has bloody hands on her door and a few other decorations. Even at work she has a few things to display, but it’s still too early for that here. She’d like to have this stuff up all year I think.


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