How can anyone not want passion in their lives?

Sept. 26, 2007

Karen, I wonder how you get by without love, passion, and touching. Life without those things seems pointless to me. I know you have family members around to talk to and your niece to play with, so you have love. You have friends, so you have love. But, passion? How can anyone not want passion in their lives? I don’t know why, but I can imagine myself in a very mad, passionate relationship with you. You know that I’m in love with you, right? That kind of love knows no bounds. I want to be with you, kissing you, feeling the passion of your kiss, the ecstasy of your touch. I’m aroused by you any time I even think of you, the possibilities of erotic stimulation are endless when you’re in love. Despite the boundary you see that separates us, I tell you now, I don’t understand boundaries. I want you. I want your body wrapped around mine; I want to feel the intensity of uninhibited sex with you. I have said it before, but I tell you again: I want to taste your lips, your nipples, your belly, your thighs, your sex. I want to tickle your clit and taste you, excite you. I want you to lose control. I want to penetrate you as fully as possible, slowly sometimes, and also when I lose control. Do you know what it’s like to have your mind drift away and all you feel is pleasure? Sex can be a wonderful thing, and I can’t imagine how you live day to day without it. As much as I like sex, there is nothing like the pleasure of it when you’re in love. To have sex with someone you’re in love with is the most incredible feeling, indescribable really. Sex is an animal pleasure, to be sure. Life is so much more enjoyable with that included as part of it. It is not the be all and end of life, but, without it, life is duller. I offer you my experience in this area. Will you not enjoy what I have to offer? Must you follow rules that will not allow you to enjoy this aspect of life?

I can understand your reluctance. I’ve mentioned my age before in these posts. I appreciate the fact that you may want to find the perfect person before you commit yourself. You don’t have to commit yourself to me. I know you’d rather have a loving shared life with someone younger. In the meantime, I’m here. I’m healthy, strong, virile, and not all that ugly. We can have a lot of fun in the meantime. Wouldn’t you like to have someone share your bed? to feel that warm body next to you? to feel the pleasure of someone who loves you? I offer you love with no strings attached. When you’re ready to move on, you just go. Of course I would be saddened by that. Hell, I’m sad when I don’t see you all week, or for two or even the rare three weeks at a time. But, I will survive.

inuyasha-and-kagomes-wedding.jpg Karen, I really want more of you in my life. I would do anything to have more of you. I offer you love, friendship, and commitment if you want it. You want marriage? Gladly. You want to adopt kids? Gladly. I’m ready, willing and able to give you whatever you need. I want my arm around you. I want to feel your hands touch mine. How long has it been since you were cuddled?

Just once in your life you should experience the exquisite pleasure of having someone who is in love with you, who accepts you 100% the way you are, and who finds you beautiful, sexy, fun, and intellectually stimulating. Then, if you find you want to move on, at least you know what to look for. Wouldn’t that make a union between us worthwhile?

I do not expect and would not demand anything of you. You’re a free woman today, and I would not presume to restrict your freedoms in any way. Am I asking you to trust me? Sure. I’d like that more than anything else in the world.


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