Divorce, Wines, a Party and Politics

Sept. 04, 2007

It was a long weekend. I heard back from the dragon, in response to an email, that the final divorce decree divorce-decree.jpg is signed, but she just hadn’t let me know or sent me a copy yet. She said she would, so I emailed back, “Thanks!” That’s the extent of our conversations now, after 14 years. Oh, well.

I emailed Karen; let her know about a party I was going to on Sunday. No response. I told her I could pick her up except that it would be like a date, even though a ‘date’ doesn’t have to be more than two people doing something together. I’m such a dork. Well, I didn’t expect a response. I would have been shocked if she’d responded.

Saturday was the annual Bernalillo Wine Festival. poster_2007b.jpg I knew better than to even ask Karen, since she doesn’t enjoy wine. It’s still a fun thing to do. There’s always music, (blues, jazz, salsa) and dancing. I ran into friends, actually friends of the dragon, and we hung around all day. They are a threesome of women that live together; and the dragon and I run into them at the Wine Festival every year. One of them is related to the dragon’s first husband. I told them about the divorce being final and they took me under their wing. They have a wonderful tradition of going together to a booth after they’re done tasting and pouring all the tastes into one glass, so they did that for me. wine-tasting.jpg I never had to buy a glass of wine all day! Finally had to get something to eat, and drank a small $3 cup of coke before I ended up too high to ride the bike home. Even water was $3 for a small bottle! Picked up a couple of locally-grown giant peaches on the way out. Everyone got some – they were juicy and sweet. summer-peaches.jpg

The party Sunday was OK. Lots to eat; I brought a six-pack with me, but there were still two bottles left over at the end of the night. Good people – my union crowd. Saw Val, who had to drop out to deal with cancer; she’s in remission two years now. Most of the executive board showed up, and plenty of people I didn’t know. The party was at Harry’s. He was the 1st President of our local, and was celebrating his retirement from work. He’s still a volunteer with a music program he hosts on public radio, so a lot of people know him. I had a great conversation with his wife about politics, as she is originally from Checkoslavia, formerly part of Czechoslovakia. prague.jpg Politics in the U.S. is so strange now, but she had great stories about politics there. I worry about the decline of the U.S. and our reputation as defenders of democracy and freedom, but she said those things won’t disappear when the U.S. is no longer a major power, that those ideals still exist in Europe. Of course, the rest of the world has different ideals; not everyone wants or cares about Western ideals. I feel like the decline of the U.S. will result in a decline in appreciation of democratic ideals like habeas corpus, free elections, or separation of religion and government. Of course, many around the world don’t believe those are good goals, and we are in the middle of a fight to decide such things, things that can’t be decided by war. And yet, our own government gives lip service to those ideals while suspending habeas corpus, permitting torture, and increasing wire-tapping and other domestic spying on citizens. Seems like neither the Republicans or Democrats care much about that. The Democrats who control Congress are continuing the policies of the Republicans who controlled Congress before. Ah well, who wants to discuss politics anymore?


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