An unhappy Friday

August 29, 2007

unhappy.gif An unhappy Friday is a Friday without “her” of course, as I’ve mentioned here before. She was too busy with her job; she said they were in crisis mode. She didn’t know when or if she’d get a chance to eat, and told me I shouldn’t wait for her. At least she recognizes that I do wait for her, no matter how hungry I am.

Eventually I did get hungry; grabbed a prepackaged plate of Sushi, but it left me unsatisfied. What’s lunch on a Friday without her? I ran over about 1:40 to see what else I could munch on, and decided I’d just get a yogurt. Of course, she was there with a coworker; she’d finally gotten a break. I stopped briefly and she said it was still crazy. I split in a hurry – I had already told her how busy I was! Well, it was nice to see her. It’s always so nice to see her, even just a glimpse of her at the coffee cart or in the stairways or hallways. I don’t know why.

And, I did run into her Monday, reading a book in the cafeteria. I know better than to interrupt her reading, but I stopped just to say hi and ask about her work. Things are back to normal there, she said. She seemed happy about that. I got the feeling we’d be eating together next Friday without worry.

She was having problems with her car so I asked about that too. She got rid of it and got another one – a Ford Fiesta. Not much I could say about that, but, hey, as long as it’s in good shape and runs reliably, why knock it? Told I’d see her later. It wasn’t Friday, and she had her book, so I’ve learned not to bother her. In my obsessive insanity, I wondered if I might have offended her by rushing off like that?

Some days I think this relationship could end and I’d be OK with that.

Some days I think it could end and my life would crumble.


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