Another Happy Friday

August 13, 2007

happiness.jpg Friday has been my favorite day for a long time, and not for the usual reason. Actually, my weekends have been full of hard work in sometimes brutal weather, and little joy or fun. However, meeting Karen for lunch on Friday is the highlight of my week. It’s only an hour, and we no longer walk to a different location each week, but seeing Karen is all I need to get through the weekend, and the following week. We’ve missed a few Fridays of late, and I wondered if that was going to be the new pattern, and if it signaled the coming end of these lunches together. It doesn’t! Karen is often busy on Fridays, and just as I’d given up this past Friday, after not having seen her or heard from her the week before, she suddenly sent me an email at the last possible moment. happiness_ahead1.jpg Such a feeling!

Karen looked wonderful of course. We ate quickly and went off to find some good coffee. We talked, and I can’t remember much of it, but when we talked we smiled at each other, and there was such a feeling of camaraderie and connection. I just can’t understand why it has to be that we can’t date, can’t meet away from work, can’t be lovers. Sigh. She did ask me if we’d see each other next week, with a big smile on her face. I hope I said yes. I remember basking in her smile and floating a little. I called to her, as she turned to walk away, to repeat my invitation to stop by and check out the new place sometime. At least she didn’t say no, and she kept smiling.

Of interest to me is having a child with Karen (in my wildest dreams!). She talks about her nieces a lot, so I asked her if she was wanting one of her own. Her answer shocked me. She doesn’t want to go through childbirth! She does not want to experience the process or pain at all. Not just the natural birth part, but, not even a c-section. Turns out, not only is she adopted, but so is her whole family! Karen wants to adopt! Interesting. She greatly admires her parents for doing that, so her rejection of pregnancy is buttressed by her desire to adopt. Hmm. Interestingly, when I was younger, my goal was never to have children, but to adopt only. I’d given that up, but the women I’ve met and married already had kids, and either wouldn’t have more, or couldn’t. Of course, it seems like a silly idea to raise children at my age, but meeting someone young like Karen has rekindled that desire, especially since I’m so in love with her. Well, Karen, tell you what: I’ll raise adopted kids with you. The happiness I’d have being with you would obliterate any need for our children to be my biological offspring. adopt.jpg

Now, if only we could do something about this age difference! If only it didn’t matter!


2 Responses to “Another Happy Friday”

  1. Delirium Says:

    Wow, I’m impressed with your thoughts; have you ever tried a move?? I think that it’s not healthy to be a friend of someone who you really feel for like that… I was like you before, but I preferred to get out. And now I found someone who likes me 😀

  2. O'Maolchathaigh Says:

    Oh, I made a move once. She pulled away fast. I just wanted to kiss her neck as she bent down to hug me before she left. She never hugged me again after that, so I learned my lesson. That didn’t stop me from wanting to hug her, or kiss her, but it’s clear that would be very unwelcome. Once, I unconsciously tried to pick a piece of something off of her blouse, but she thought I was going to touch her inappropriately, so she hit me. She apologized. She seemed horrified that she’d hit me, and I took that as a good sign that she cared about our relationship.
    Oh, eventually this will end. She’s too young and pretty to hang out with me for too long.

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