To see a dragon is ….

July 27, 2007


To see a Dragon is to behold a creature that is the most Wonderful of sights – and causes the most frightening feelings.

Found in the signature of a forwarded email sent to me today by “her” ( 可憐 ) . Could she have read these posts? Does she know I had been living with a dragon? Probably not; she sent it to her other email contacts too. Sigh. I don’t know how to overcome these boundaries she speaks of. Why can’t I be in love with her? Why can’t we go out? Might as well ask why I wasn’t born as a hippopotamus. Here I am single again, available, but the only other woman I’d want to be with after the dragon is one I can’t be with either. Good thing I have pets. Stop by and see the new place! Invite me to the party you’re going to! Something! Anything! k.jpg 可憐


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