My friend Karen

June 08, 2007 (part 3)

She’s beautiful and sexy, and I enjoy the little time we hang out at lunch. She seems like family to me now. I’m still in love with her, but that is nicely repressed now. She brought back a book I’d lent her, and thanked me for it, as she did enjoy it. The story of the dead grandmother who possesses her grandson in order to enjoy her favorite shows gave her pleasure. Karen is particularly fond of ghosts and demons and Halloween and the undead. She’s seems a bit goth, but she says she’s not, and “Why do people always assume I am?” We talked about InuYasha of course, as I’m still watching her CDs of the TV series, and she is currently reading the manga. She recently bought the English-subtitled DVD of Macross, the intergalactic war story. It is the same show whose music I was listening to yesterday that made me sad. Karen said she understood why, except she really doesn’t.  It is basically an animated Japanese soap opera, only that it takes place in space. It is full of love: unrequited love, love triangles, and true love. It made me sad because it made me think about Karen.  I told her about the deteriorating condition of my marriage but she always seems uncomfortable with that. I finally asked her if she is uncomfortable talking about personal issues, and she said she is. I always noticed it, but somehow I thought friends talked that way sometimes. She is really happiest talking about Macross, or InuYasha, or other anime and manga. Nothing personal or intimate. It’s an odd relationship, but I enjoy Karen’s company a lot. It’s odd how comfortable I am with her now. She seems like an old friend, and yet, at any moment I’m ready for anything. She has an active life now, out with friends or family most weekends, so much so that she loses time for working on her Halloween props; her mummy and skeletons, coffins, and tombstones, and all things creepy, dead and Halloweeny. I’ve never known anyone quite like her.


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