That’s Done It!

June 07, 2007 (part 2)

I think I finally managed to alienate Karen! I’m standing in line for coffee and didn’t notice her get in line behind me. She couldn’t have missed seeing me there, but said nothing. I was adding half ‘n’ half and raw sugar to my half-caf Americano, when I saw her in the line. She was facing forward and could clearly see me just ten feet away, but wouldn’t turn to look at me or wave or say hi, or anything I would expect from a friend. I stirred my coffee and went over anyway; I couldn’t see noticing someone I know, especially Karen, and not at least saying hello. She turned immediately as I walked her way; I think she knew I was there. No smile. Just a hello. I said hi and I hadn’t seen her behind me, and she just nodded, and looked embarrassed. Embarrassing silence. I didn’t mention the flowers, just asked her about work and if she started her Excel class yet. She said not until July. Looked down again, had nothing to say. I told her it’s a good job she has now, and left her alone. She still looks good in purple. I’m still an idiot.

Well, what else could I expect?


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