If I Stop I’ll Go Crazy

June 3, 2007

I had lunch with “her” last Friday. Damn that woman looked good! Sexy legs exposed by a short denim skirt and high heels setting off those tattoos on her ankles. She looked so hot, I nearly jumped out of my skin (in my head). I try to keep this stuff to myself now. She’s never liked it if I said she looks sexy, or beautiful. The skirt was new with a wavy, scalloped edge that I’d not seen before, and I did say it was very nice. I almost couldn’t take my eyes off of her legs!  She is hot! If I could sell my soul for her I would. Perhaps I’ve already done that? We seem to talk so easily and comfortably now. I remember when she would talk so fast, it was like she was trying to get it all out at once. I remember doing that myself in the past. It endeared her to me. I felt it meant she really wanted to talk to me, and got a little nervous. Of course, that could be all in my imagination. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if the divorce goes through, and I have my own place. Would things change? I tried to think of this fantasy as over, but, well, I guess it’s not. I don’t know how to stop.

I do still have feeling for the dragon after 14 years.

InuYasha the demon has strong feelings for Kikyo, a woman dead 50 years (although reanimated), in the anime stories, and yet he hangs out with the younger Kagome and has feelings for her too. kikyo_kagome.jpg

“She” likes the story a lot.


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