What is it about Karen?

May 23, 2007 (part 2)

I see things in Karen that remind me of myself. She has a depth of character, a love of animals and deep affection for children. She has the obsessive nature of an introvert and the shyness of someone without fake pride. Those are a few things I see, but I feel something else, something I can’t put into words. Perhaps I have only come to recognize that I am not alone in the world. Knowing Karen has made me feel as though I’ve found someone like me for the first time. Perhaps there are others. I know this sounds crazy. I’ve worked with people in carnivals, in science, in unions, neighborhood associations and dozens of groups with similar beliefs to mine. I loved them all. I have felt friendship and love. Still, as I get older, there is always something missing, and I feel it more and more.

Karen is passionate about life, intelligent, hard-working, and fun. Her smile lights up my world.



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