Being lonely is not the same as missing someone, is it?

May 21, 2007

It is apparently not a good idea to tell someone you didn’t call when they were away because you didn’t miss them, especially not if you further qualify that by saying that they could have stayed away for months, and I enjoyed the time alone. Hoo boy! is the dragon pissed! monster1.jpg She’s leaving town again, so she says I get my wish. Meanwhile….

I’ve been watching InuYasha, and the idea of unrequited love has appeared, is even mentioned. Interesting. At its heart InuYasha is a love story between the half-demon InuYasha and the young woman Kagome. How appropriate! I wonder what Karen thinks of me? Perhaps I am an ogre to her, kindly, but not appealing in my old man disguise.   Beauty and the beast. This beast is certainly smitten with Karen, but that probably makes me more of an ogre to her. Well, if things are more in the open with me and the dragon, perhaps Karen and I could discuss this openly someday soon? Perhaps it is too late. When I don’t get a reply to an email, or the mail server indicates that is was deleted without being opened, I am terrified that she will give up on me. It has been so nice that our paths intersected. I enjoy life so much more since I met her.


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