May 04, 2007 (Part 2)

11:30 AM Lunch is on! in one hour!


1:40 PM And it was nice. Karen was, as she always is, beautiful. She said she told her niece she would take her to the amusement park on Sunday, but the weather people predict rain. She really doesn’t want to disappoint her niece. Karen is exactly the kind of person I like to know, hang around with, etc. Sigh. I left her near her office, gave her a shoulder hug. As I walked back to my office, sipping my coffee, I wondered if she had finally forgiven me, would trust me now. I don’t know how she puts up with me. Later on, I decided to tell her that I’m free on Sunday if they’d like company, and emailed that thought to her. Ah, well, bad idea. She deleted it as soon as she opened it. No response. I’m such an idiot. I would really like to go though. It was such a pleasant fantasy in my head for awhile: walking through the park with Karen and her niece, riding the rides, enjoying her niece’s reactions, maybe sharing a smile. Innocent fun.

I guess, considering the state of my mind, it wouldn’t be so innocent. pity.jpg

I’ve got to learn to keep this stuff to myself.


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