Another unplanned sighting

May 04, 2007

skirt-02.jpg Saw her this morning on the way in to work. She had taken a shuttle from the parking lot, and was just passing the farthest point east that it takes people. That left her with at least another 5 minute walk, and it was already 8:00, so I offered her a ride on the bike, but she declined. Sigh. She was wearing a beautiful skirt, and she said it wouldn’t be a good idea. She has such a wonderful smile. I know I’ve said that before. She is so beautiful. She also thanked me for asking. Coupling that with her smile is all an infatuated lover like me needs to stay in love with her.

It’s Friday. The tension mounts. Will Karen and I have lunch today? Will I tell her I’m in love with her? Will she ever go out with me? Will I crash and burn? Will I ever fall out of love with her? Will I get divorced sooner or later? Would it make any difference to Karen if I was divorced? Or is my fantasy just the wildest fiction I could ever imagine?


2 Responses to “Another unplanned sighting”

  1. Jnet.NW Says:

    Understandably sweet … but the waste-down view seems to limit the possibilities of more than a fling.

  2. O'Maolchaithaigh Says:

    Ah; it’s not actually her, or her skirt – just an internet image I found that was similar to what she wore that day. Believe me, I treasured full views of her; didn’t have many and she didn’t want me to photograph her. I used whatever I could find instead. just to spice up the text.

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