Something Changed

April 20, 2007


Something changed, I think. I was excited to hear from “her”, excited to meet her for lunch; early today. Went to the lobby to wait for her and ran into my 1st wife again. Talked for a minute or two until “she” showed up. Told the ex I’d just finished roofing my house. “Sounds dangerous,” she said. She told me about a bomb threat here today. Yesterday, there were threats against the main campus too, and we all got emails urging caution. Anyway, Irene always seems nervous or in a hurry, so she ran off before I could introduce her. “She” was there to return some books to Andre, the coffee guy at the cart. We went over to the med school cafeteria and got Frito Pies. fritopie1.jpg They make some real good ones here, not just with cheese and chili, but with beef or chicken, rice, beans, and red and/or green chili;- really nice! – better than the ones the hospital cafeteria makes. “She” finished her Proven Guilty, the PI/wizard book. She really likes the Dresden Files series, says it’s funny and unusual and I should read some of them. Maybe I will. She talks about the stories she reads, what she likes, and I never have much to say. I’ve mentioned the books and authors I’ve read, and I think the only ones we have in common are Straczynski and Le Guinn. I think she likes me to listen. She’s off to the comedy club again tonight. Never knew she went regularly. Anyway, we went and got some more coffee after lunch. Not that she needs it, she seems to have unlimited energy. Iced mochas for her.icedmocha.jpg Decaf or half-caf americanos for me. She is fun to be around. She is different though. Something is changed. I’ve a feeling we won’t be having lunch much anymore. Maybe she read this blog? Of course, my wife is acting strange too, so I thought the same thing. Looks like I’m paranoid. How strange it is that I feel the need to write this down in a public venue, but it makes me nervous to think that the people around me are reading it. Perhaps I’m losing it. I don’t think either of them thinks I’m much fun to be around. That’s what I liked about “her” – she had that introverted quality that struck a chord within me. I don’t know; I don’t know anything. Maybe it’s the penicillin and painkillers I’ve taken yesterday and this morning after yesterdays’ root canal and root amputation? I feel out of it, depressed, anti-social.

I think “she” is having more fun, is much more extroverted that when I met her. We’re probably diverging. My life is crashing. I’ve been sucked into a pit, and it’s affecting me, or I’ve dug a pit for myself. Well, I’ve got a nice motorcycle ride with my stepdaughter on Sunday magna.jpg– that’s something to look forward to! Collected $140 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.


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