Lo! and I beheld: Karen!

April 17, 2007 (part 2)

lo-and-behold-front-cover.jpg Well, Lo! and Behold! I ran into Karen today.  I was in another cafeteria and she walked in with her lunch tray as I was just finishing up. She smiled, but I didn’t know if she’d want to join me, but she did. She asked what was up, but I just lamely replied, same old stuff. I could see she was dying to get to her food. She attacks food with gusto! I used to eat like that! Too old now. I take my time to allow my appetite to be satisfied, or I never get enough. I enjoy watching her eat. She has a healthy appetite.

She had her book with her, Proven Guilty, by Jim Butcher. provenguilty.jpg The main character is Harry Dresden, P.I. and wizard, who routinely fends off attacks by vampires, werewolves, demons, faeries, zombies, ghosts, and warlocks. According to a review of the series (The Dresden Files) that I read, “You might want to beat Harry for being a pig-headed, stubborn, noble idiot, but you’d never turn him away if he was on your side.” Well, maybe there’s hope for me, after all. That pretty much describes me. 🙂

At any rate we discussed the book a little and the chaos of grant time at her job, and her niece. I like her niece; she’s only three, but enjoys comics and graphic novels and animation. Karen has to read them to her, and has bought videos for her, and they get along fine. Her niece goes right to her every time she visits, which was Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning this time. A little much, but Karen enjoys her. Told Karen my roof’s not done yet, so I’ll probably take the day off tomorrow to finish it, unless it pours again today and tonight or in the morning. Between snow, rain, and high winds, this roof has turned into a never ending story. I left Karen to read her book. That’s something I know about: when you’ve got a good book, you want to read it, and as much as you like someone, you don’t want to chit chat when you could be reading.

It is a very good day today. I was so elated walking back to work. I was humming, and snapping my fingers and jumped up to touch the ceiling. How does Karen affect me like this? I know, it’s all in my head; still, I sure am happy to see her, and talk with her. It’s something to have happy people in your life, even if minimally



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