Le Guinn stories

April 09, 2007

orsiniantales.jpg I wonder if “her” will notice the story I marked for her? I dogeared the page, and then, just to make sure, I underlined the story in the table of contents. Ah, she might notice, but she’ll ignore the message. “Not appropriate,” she’ll think. The story is ‘The Lady of Moge’ : friendship, marriage not an option, gender role reversal, regrets that they did not connect when they were young. There’s much in it that connects my tale of happiness at meeting “her”, my unsatisfied love, my regret at never being able to consummate my love. A story with a powerful woman, and a man thrown off balance. Perhaps not directly parallel to myself and her, this story did remind me so much of this unrequited love affair I have in my head. We even have an element of role reversal. Usually, she would walk me back to my lab, instead of me walking her somewhere. I did walk her to her car a couple times, but she seemed to like walking me back. At first, I was a little nervous, since we had our little parting hug, and I thought people might take it as more than it was. Of course, I screwed that up, and now I could care less what people think anyway. (Too late). Quoting from the story: “He left her, full of exaltation; but when he got to his room he sat down, feeling suddenly very tired, and blinking often, as if on the point of tears.”


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