Reality bites.

March 22, 2007

To follow up on the last post, I did meet “her” for lunch. Happened to run into my former boss, who was unknowingly standing next to us while we waited for our lunches. When I suddenly noticed him, I apologized for ignoring him, saying that I was distracted by a pretty woman and didn’t notice him. He got his order and left, and I noticed “she” had a strange look on her face. I asked her if I shouldn’t have said that; she said: “No, we’re friends,” emphasis on friends. O man, there is nothing like being brought back to reality by the object of your fancied imagination! Friends. Wow. That gave me lots to think about, like maybe I can live with that. Certainly I would hate to not see her anymore. We could be friends, especially if that’s the only way she’d ever see me. Of course, it’s all I can expect. Why would a young and beautiful woman want to have any other kind of relationship with an old fart like me? oldfartxing


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